Bara imambara, lucknow built by ASAF-UD-DAULA.

A view of the palace of the ASAF-UD-DAULA at lucknow in 1793.

ASAF-UD-DAULA, celebrating the MUHARRUM festival at IMAM BARA in 1812.

He died on 21 sep 1797 in lucknow and is buried at imam bara.



This is an “IMAM BARGAH” – A centre for mourning and sorrow established for commemoration of the supreme sacrifice of IMAM HUSSAIN (A.S), The son of imam ali (A.S) And sayedah fatima and the grandson of the holy prophet mohammad (peace on them) that was made by him 10TH MOHARRUM 61 A.H(10 oct.

680 A.D.) At karbala in present day IRAQ.

IMAM HUSSAIN and 72 members of his family and friends sacrificed everything they had to uphold truth and justice, the objective was to preserve and protect the pure teachings of islam as expounded by the holy prophet muhammad (peace on him and his holy progeny), to awaken the human spirit and protect humanity from indignation and deprivation at the hands of oppressive and corrupt rulers. 

The epic struggle of the small band before the huge force assembled by the tyrant ruler Yazid son women of all age groups covering all human relationships at IMAM HUSSAIN side.

All of them were denied access the food and water for 3 days. they include IMAM HUSSAIN’S  6 month old son ALI ASGHAR whose neck was severed with an arrow and was killed thirsty in his father’s arms. The martyrs heads were severed from their bodies. and put up on left unburied while their women and children were take captive and shamefully paraded on a long treacherous journey to YAZID’S court at damascus. 13 centuries later IMAM HUSSAIN’S sacrifice remains alive the hearts of millions of his followers of all religious and his admirers.


These bhool bhulaiya are very big. Nobody knows where the doors are taken. There are more than 100 doors. People come from far away to see it.


This crown is ASAF-UD-DAULA’S.It’s very expensive. This is pure gold. And this crown is completed for thousands of years. The Taj is still safe in Imam bara Lucknow.




They are darbars. In which the king used to listen to music.And the music was very sweet. All the decisions were heard here.daily run the meeting in darbar.

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