This is Sant Nagpal Baba who has build shree adhya katayani sakti peeth mandir.Baba was born on March 10, 1925, on the full moon day, that day was Holi and Tuesday. His death took place in 1998. 

He was very ill because of this his death had occurred.


This temple was built in 1974. This temple is made of complete marble plateau. And the Chhattarpur temple is so big that the second number comes in Delhi. shree adhya Katayani temple is 70 acres


Hanuman ji’s height is 101 feet. The statue of Delhi’s biggest Hanuman ji is in Chhattarpur temple. The name of the person who has created this idol is maturam pilani.


These bell are the tallest bell of delhi. They are full of 100 tons.These bells play before the aarti, because everyone should know that the aarti is about to happen 


  • In the field of education, the SHAKTI PEETH runs, shivani vidya niketan school , cutting training and embroidery training center, ( creche) ,shree sant nagpal vocational training center 


The sant nagpal diagnostic center is also run by the SHAKTIPEETH MANDIR for free checkup.



IN the beginning, the temple had very little space, during navatras and other occasions. many occasions the queue used to extend upto outub minar through uneven ground full of stones shrubs ETC. and resulting in injuries to the devotees. babaji who felt sad seeing the decided to purchase land in front of the temple. with the intention of building a big hall enough to accommodate.


Here trishul is 50 feet. this makes chhatpoja. When it is filled with water it looks beautiful too. The water of the pooja is filled in it. 


This temple comes to see people from a distance. This temple looks beautiful in Navratras too. This Bhandara also runs in Navratras which is very good. People coming from outside also eat it. 24 * 7 moves This 1000 employees work in Navratras. The temple also looks like a fair outside. And in this temple Ramlila is also shown. And, more than 100,000 people come to take cover every day.

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