Mobile phone today are considered an essential part of our lives.

After all, a mobile phone can meet all over needs whether it be making and answering calls taking photographs surfing the internet or making us look good but sometimes looking good can be expensive. here is a listing of the top ten most expensive mobile phones in the world.


vertu signature diamond is priced at about $88.300 so why is it priced so high? it’s hot very advanced in terms of its features so that’s not the reason. this phone is made entirely of platinum and that’s what makes the phones so extravagant. to top it off, the diamond color of this phone is very beautiful in hand and clearly demonstrates that its sole purpose is for the rich to flaunt.


Apple has always been known for creating and producing mobile phones and gadgets that are high-end and plush. but the iphone princess plus in the ninth most expensive mobile phones has been added to this phone due to its beauty and elegance. not much is different in the princess plus when compared to other iphones expect for the 318 diamonds set in 18K white gold around its rim-138 of which are princess cut. The princess plus was designed by peter alousson and sold for $176.400.


The beautiful black diamond VIPN was designed by singaporenative artist Jaren goh, and has only two diamonds fitted to its exterior one on the joystick and the other on the back of the phone this phone has of a number of features such as mirror detailing as well as organic LED technology and therefore is a bit more advanced than the average phone. priced at $300.000 it falls into the 8th spot on our list of most expensive cell phones.


As the name suggests, the design of this phone appears to be similar to the skin of a cobra. clearly for the rich to flaunt, this phone is a masterpiece in and of itself and its further layered in a special cover for protection. The vertu signature cobra is priced at a cool $310.000. 


The vegas jackpot is the first mobile phone to reach the whopping price value of 1 million dollars. it’s made from several precious materials including 18-karat gold black diamond sapphire and 200 years old africa blackwood.


If you are one who is completely smitten by luxury. then this phones is the best thing that you will ever see. the diamond crypto smartphone is the fifth most expensive mobile phone in the world. priced at whopping 1.3 million dollars the diamond crypto smartphone has been designed using pure and solid platinum along with a navigation key made up of 18 carat gold. this navigation key is also comprised of 28 cut diamonds.


The gold and million used in the name of this mobile phone depicts it glory. this handsome cell phone is made of 18-carat white gold mounted with 120-carats of VVS-1 graded diamonds and is equipped with the latest in mobile technology. only 100 units were manufactured each priced at 1.3 billion dollars. interestingly, this mobile phone was created by special request of a renowned russian business man who , in the year 2006, bought this mobile phone for 1 million euros. because of this , his name was also recorded in the guinness book of world record.


The third most expensive mobile phone in the world is the iphone 3G kings button. The home button has been made out of 6.6 carat diamond of the highest quality, which makes this phone look all the more plush and classy. the kings button was designed with 18 carat yellow white and rose gold. what,s the price tag for such luxury? a whopping 2.5 million dollars.


Another creation by apple, the iphone 5 black diamond, is the second most expensive mobile phone in the world. according to CNN, a chinese businessman contacted U.K- based craftsman stuart hughes revealing that he had a 26-carat black diamond he wanted to incorporate into an iphone 5. The phone took nine weeks to create.The body is solid gold, and the edgets of the iphone have 600 white diamonds. the apple logo on the back of the phone also in cludes 53 diamonds. the price of such extravagance is 15.3 million dollars.


The pink diamond iphone 6 is the most expensive mobile phone to date.This device does not incorporate many diamonds into its design. no , there is only one huge 18 carat diamond in blue or pink, set in the back of the case attractive enough to cater to the eyes of those with the most extravagant tastes. so, what’s the price of the most expensive mobile phone in the world you ask? 95.5 million dollars.

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