We are going to talk that indian of such countries do not need a visa and can no longer go for a visa.Why some things to note is that you should have any government card and also the currency of that country.

#10. NEPAL 


Nepal is very close to India. There is no problem in coming to the Indians in this country. Nepal is a country where Indians can not only work but can not only work but can live here but you can It is important to have ID proof as it is possible due to the connection of Aadhaar Card Voter ID card to India and Nepal.It is the best friend so Indians can go to Nepal with easy and they do not need a visa. There are beautiful orders from the punctual Pashupatinath temple, which are given many times every year to see the price of Indian Rupees compared to the money exchange.



Mauritius is considered to be the most beautiful country in the countries of Asia. There are millions of tourists visiting every year and here you can get beautiful waterfall nature. Water can take water and if you like water sports then Mauritius is the perfect place for you. Want to visit a beautiful country, Indians do not need a visa and there is a good relationship with India and this is the reason that you go with our passport. 



Bhutan can not carry 500 and 2000 notes of India, so you have to spend money in Bhutan’s currency. Himalaya is famous for the eastern parts and also for marriage.



There will be very few people who have heard about Haiti, which is Arabian country which gives 2 minutes after Diwali, water around it is water and hence it is very beautiful to see.After reaching, you only need to give your password and pay a $ 10 bill just after that you can meet anywhere in high pi, due to the high prices of the two countries, this country will not get much expenditure.



If you like the sea song high mountain, it is the perfect place for Jamaica In fact, for Indians, there is no need for Vision for staying in Jamai for 3 days and for walking, Mathura will need a passport.But you will need a passport and junk the passport on the passport in the court, after which your password direction can work, but this will be a little bit for you to go



If you are a lover of animal birds then definitely must be allowed in this country, Indians are allowed to go without visa, you must have passports for about 90 days



Ecuador is a small country in South America and wants to go all over the world to gulp this country also comes in the forest of Amzon. You will see many animals here. Visa is absolutely free for Indian you just have to a passport you can live up to 90 days.



Micronesia’s name will hardly be heard by anyone, but do you know that this country falls in the Pacific Ocean and there are about four such suites here. The view of this place is very beautiful and there is a different world in it. Going away and this country is a visa free country for the people of India. Just the validity of Passport should be more than 3 months. And these countries are very beautiful.



The serbia is a country located in Peninsula, where Indians do not need a visa.In this country, you can see many old things like monuments and here Indians do not need a visa at all.Through the passport you can stay here for 30 days.



This country is very close to India and you can visit a good place in less costAnimal birds and even their music is famous all over the world. It is a country full of natural beauty, where there is a lot of tourists and these countries are welcomed by many Indians because you can stay here for 20 days without a visa Are there.

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